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Noona is baby crib and three different beds all in one set.

Perfect in imperfectness

Noona is made of beech wood by Croatian manufacturers. Noona is not result of large quantity industrial production, yet every Noona set is assembled and finished by hands. We do not “fix” small wood imperfections and Noona is toned with color not painted so wood texture is always visible. All of that makes every Noona unique and perfect in wood “imperfectness” and hand finishing.


Noona grows with your baby from birth until school days, providing safe and familiar environment for sleep and play.



Noona variations:


0-6 months 

Noona BABY is a crib for your baby from birth until approximately 6 months old.
At this time your baby needs most of your attention and nearness and Noona guarantees safe and comfortable sleep. Noona’s dimensions and lockable wheels allow you to move your baby safely from room to room.

Noona Baby crib has mattress set up at height of 35cm measured from the upper edge of the crib, allowing you easy access to your baby.

Noonanset contains: Noona Baby crib wood elements, wood elements for setting up Noona  Mini and Junior, mattres Baby and mattres Mini, made of quality skyCell20 polyurethane foam with cotton cover, mattresses bottoms for Baby and Mini, bed for Noona Baby and Noona Mini.

Noona BABY

6 -48 months

Noona MINI is children bed that can be used from child birth, but best from 6 months, from the moment when your baby can sit by its own.
Noona MINI is easily set up by extending Noona BABY with extension elements which are part of every set.

Mattress can be set in two different positions with two different heights, and one side of bed can be removed when baby is able to enter and exit bed independently.

These variations allow your Noona to grow with your baby, guaranteeing always safe and familiar environment

Noona MINI bed dimensions,  d: 80cm/ w: 126cm/ h: 81cm

Noona mini

4 – 10 years

Expanding into JUNIOR size, Noona becomes full size bed for your junior that can be used for comfortable and safe sleeping or playing until app 10 years old.

Noona JUNIOR bed dimensions,  d: 83 cm/ w: 187cm/ h: 81cm.

For expanding Noona into JUNIOR size, you will need JUNIOR extension set.



Noona Premium mattresses : Mattress made of high quality foam bese HR3028, cover for mattress made of hight quality waterproof, antibacterial and anticlerical material with zipper.


Noona bedding is 4 pc set, made of quality 100% cotton, materials. It contains covers sheets and bumpers.


Additional Information


beach wood natural, white

Dimensions BABY

H: 90cm/ D: 66cm/ W: 83 cm

Dimensions MINI

H:90(or81withoutwheels)cm/ W:83cm/D:126cm

Dimensions JUNIOR

H:81cm/ W:83cm/D:187cm

Standards and Safety

Complies with EN 1130:1996 and EN 716:2008

Included in set:

– Wood elements that make up the grid, side and half of the cradle (2 pieces), – Extension elements of the cot (2 pieces), – Connection strips for connecting the parts (2 pieces), – Connecting screws and L – carrier for slatted frames, – Wheels with brakes, made of silicone (4 pieces), – Slatted mattress BABY (1 piece), – Slatted mattress MINI (1 piece), – BABY mattress with cover (1 piece), – Mattress MINI with coating (1 piece), – Linens BABY (1 piece), – Linens MINI (1 piece), – Instructions for installation and use

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